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Lessons for all ages

Children can gain so much from riding lessons, they learn patience, compassion for another being, responsibility, sportsmanship and a lot more. It can result in a life long passion and respect for horses and the enjoyment of riding.


At What Age To Start Lessons

The age at which your child starts riding can vary, depending on the child's size and maturity. Generally, however, most children should be at least 4.5/5 years old and I have the proper size saddles for this age.

Riding Gear

While it's not necessary to run out and buy expensive riding gear before your first lesson, you will certainly be more comfortable if you wear suitable clothing.
Jeans are best, and on your feet, you'll want shoes with a good shank to give your feet support in the stirrups. A small heel will lessen the chance that your foot will slip all the way through the stirrup.


I use older horses that have lots of riding time on them as well as show experience, but as all horse owners know Horses can be unpredictable animals and safety will be an important part of the lesson program.

Your First Lessons

Don't be surprised if much of your first lesson is spent on the ground. As mentioned above, a horse can be an unpredictable animal and a good amount of time will be spent on teaching you about the correct handling of horses, before allowing you to get on. You'll learn about haltering and leading, grooming and tacking up etc. Some people might think this is a waste of money - they are eager to get mounted and get riding. However, this is all part of horsemanship and the more competent you are around horses, the better relationship you will have with them going forward.
Your early lessons will be geared towards giving you the skills you need to become a good rider. You'll learn the correct way to mount, the correct position, the aids which you will use to communicate with the horse, etc.


Group Lessons

  • Package of 4 - 1 hour session
  • $55.00 X 4 = $220.00 +HST $28.60 = $248.60


Semi Private Lessons

  • Package of 4 - 1 hour session
  • $60.00 X 4 = $240.00 +HST $31.70 = $271.70


Private Lessons

  • Package of 4 - 1 hour session
  • $70.00 X 4 = $280.00 +HST $36.40 = $316.40


Single Private or Introductory Lesson

  • $75.00 +HST $9.75 = $84.75


Beginners Intermediate Advanced

If you take lessons with us when your ready we will offer you the chance of going out on trail rides with us.
We have groomed trails through the bush and a camping area on the property where you can tie the horses and have a cook out over the open fire pit and spend the night if you would like.

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